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101 North University Avenue
Beaver Dam, WI, 53916

9203562120 x.213

The official clothing and gift store of Wayland Academy, a co-educational boarding school offering great preparation for college in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin.

Key Chain

Gifts & Accessories

Your home for Wayland goods of every sort, from mugs to hats, scarves, keychains, cups, water bottles, and everything in between.

Key Chain


Key Chain


Keys. We don't have much longer with these antiquated devices. No, the future is all in retinal scanning, fingerprint locks, and doors that sense a smartphone in your smartpocket and smartunlock. The distant future involves plucking a hair from the side of your head and placing it in a small tube for DNA verification before you can get in the house to drop your groceries on the kitchen table before ordering a pizza using your robot butler's pizzaconnect features. But until the distant future arrives, you're going to need someway to keep those keys together. May we suggest this lovely, Wayland Academy keychain?

  • The zinc alloy key ring allows easy addition or removal of keys.
  • Elegant braided leatherette key chain provides a sophisticated appearance.
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